Financial and Non-Financial
Indicators and Outlook

Key Financial Indicators

Proforma figures: pre-IFRS 15, 16 and 9
Reported figures: post-IFRS 15, 16 and 9

Financial Outlook

In an uncertain economic and geopolitical context, the Rémy Cointreau Group reiterates its ambition to become the world leader in exceptional spirits. In the medium term, this will result in 60 to 65% of its turnover being generated by exceptional spirits (retail sales price over USD50).

In addition, after a strong increase in profitability in recent years, the Group remains ambitious regarding the potential of its Current Operating Margin in the medium term, as it will continue to benefit from its value strategy, while continuing to invest significantly behind its brands and distribution network.

Rémy Cointreau’s objective is to build an increasingly sustainable, resilient and profitable business model.

In the short term, Rémy Cointreau anticipates that 2019/20 will unfold within the framework of the Group’s medium-term objectives. It will also include the termination of distribution contracts for partner brands (in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States), which are estimated to have an impact of €56 million on sales and €5 million on Current Operating Profits.

Non-Financial Key Indicators